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The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. is the creator of the Equity Engineering Practices (EPs), a set of methods, procedures, and rules for the design, construction, and maintenance of refinery plant equipment. The EPs is an extensive catalogue of information which needs to be easy to navigate as well as offering extensive search and filter tools to find specific content.

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It was decided that breaking down the content within comprehensive tables would be the easiest way to find desired information as it already resembled the spreadsheets the product’s audience uses on a daily basis. To accommodate a number of functions within a table, each row offers an ‘action’ button that expands the row available tools.

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Another core necessity for the Practices software was designing and developing everything in a way that could easily be updated by E2G themselves. Keeping this in mind, the table structure made it simple for the service’s maintainers to target specific content blocks for updating or revision information.

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