MFS eLockbox Showing Vault

App Development, UI/UX, Website Development, Web Design

One of the key components of MFS’ VaultLOCKS eLockbox product was its ability to handle managing lockboxes around the area wirelessly. In order to properly handle this function, MFS turned to VividFront to design a user interface for their eLockbox Showing Vault system.


This entire interface not only allows automatic, wireless lockbox functions, but doubles as a method for other realtors to request showing times. This process could either be handled manually or through an automated queue based on the realtor and homeowner’s availability.

All of these actions would be found in an in-browser web app.



Everything also needed to be handled via your mobile device, so VividFront designed an app for both iOS and Android that offered all of the capabilities of the desktop version right in your hands.