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VAULTZ manufactures and sells lockboxes across a number of product category types (from children’s pencil boxes to wheeled, storage boxes). As part of their major refocus on selling directly to the buyer instead of through third-parties, VividFront was brought in to assist the process.

Along with providing an optimal ecommerce environment for visitors, VividFront designed the new VAULTZ website to features large, lifestyle images of products being used in everyday situations.


A friendly, clean layout was given to the category pages with large product thumbnails for users to browse through while scrolling down the page.


Frequently-visited pages like ‘Combination Lock Instructions‘ were given newsletter and promotional signups to help with email collection while simultaneously encouraging users to purchase items thanks to coupon codes.


The entire website was developed in a grid-based layout to help in a responsive breakdown. Nothing hurts an online store more than losing business due to poor or lacking mobile designs, so greater emphasis on placed on this task.