About Us

10+ Years of Growing Brands & Solving Problems

At VividFront, we take a refreshing approach in how we manage our agency-client relationships. We don’t classify strategy, design, development and marketing as projects that just need to get done. The services we offer are the way we grow our clients’ businesses.

We take a holistic approach to all of our efforts. We don’t draw a line in the sand as a way of avoiding solving a problem. We are capable of operating in nearly any medium, and have experience integrating traditional marketing tactics into our digital marketing strategies.

VividFront is not a niche firm. We have worked in almost every industry, in both B2B and B2C contexts. As a result, we wield an enormous set of tacit knowledge and experience when overcoming challenges.

Our Core Values

As an organization, we have 7 core values that define both what we care about and how we work.

  • Clients Above All Else – We put our clients first, in any circumstance. Whether it is helping a client deal with a crisis or meeting an unplanned deadline by completing a project ahead of schedule, we will do whatever is necessary. We sacrifice our own revenue and profits to do the right thing for our clients.
  • Communicative – We’re communicative and try our best to keep our team, clients and vendors well-informed. We’re proactive and anticipatory in an effort to be efficient in our communication. If there’s ever a conflict or problem, we work to unpack and illuminate the issue through clear communication.
  • We Care About The Details – We believe one of the big differences between our work and the work of our competition is our high level of care and focus on the details. We don’t take the easy way out, we don’t gloss over specifics, and we really care about all of the work we do.
  • Creative Problem Solving – We don’t let problems of any size stop us from reaching our clients’ goals. We research, brainstorm and present creative and cost-effective solutions. We solve problems from the perspective of our clients. We don’t pitch unrealistic solutions, but focus on feasible and realistic scenarios instead.
  • Accountable – We want our clients to be able to rely on us for anything. We create and monitor accountability in everything we do. Our in-house staff is scheduled and assigned to clients/projects to ensure we meet deadlines or finish our work ahead of schedule.
  • Competent & Knowledgeable – We pride ourselves on our depth of knowledge and experience across many industries. We continuously train and educate our team to ensure we remain at the top of our game.
  • Adaptable & Always Growing – We’re always growing to learn and leverage the ever-changing technology and media landscape. As people and society changes, so do we. We’re agile and adaptable, not set in our ways. We don’t fear change; we anticipate change to uncover new opportunities for our clients.

Our Culture is Our Everything

We have worked hard to build a culture of team members who share the same values and priorities. Our culture is built on our 7 core values, but continues to evolve as a result of our growing and diverse team.

Our founder & CEO is an entrepreneur who has built companies in a variety of industries. Nearly 1 in 2 of our team members has been an entrepreneur themselves, or worked during the early stages at a start-up. Our entrepreneurial spirit is the passion that drives our business acumen. We teach and explain business concepts to ensure that everyone at our company understands the fundamental forces at play within any business.

We treat our employees with respect, freedom and support. We provide benefits to our employees that promote a healthy work-life balance. We train and develop our team on an ongoing basis, with a goal to retain and promote from within.

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