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What Exactly is Branding?

Branding is more than drawing a pretty logo; it’s the process of developing a platform and visual language to communicate your vision and values to the consumer. Our process dives deep to identify your purpose and voice. What we discover is developed into a unique brand strategy and meaningful visual identity.

At its core, a successful brand has 4 pillars:

  • A Clear Purpose: Why are you in business? What’s the point of it all?
  • A Core Emotion: What do you want the user or customer to feel?
  • Consistency: Are the visuals and language consistent across all touchpoints?
  • Transparency: Is the branding honest about its offerings and mission?

Branding as Strategy

Brand Strategy is a critical aspect of any business’s overall strategy. The perception that customers, employees and partners have of your brand affects how they interact with you. Brand strategy is the plan to influence and shape that perception. It provides clear direction to reach long term goals and maximize marketing performance. We will develop your unique brand strategy by analyzing the brand’s values and differentiators compared to consumer expectations, the market opportunities and the competitive landscape. An effective brand strategy will lead to brand recognition, long term customer loyalty, improved marketing results, and dedicated employees who rally behind your mission.

Creative that Evokes a Feeling

After we explore the voice and strategy, we dive into the visuals. Your brand’s identity system should be a visual representation of your intangible aspects: your values, mission, qualities, personality, and more. And at the end of the day, it just needs to feel right. Our experienced team will design your logo and visual identity system in a way that communicates this feeling to the customer. Then, we can create a suite of brand collateral. Logo and identity design are best when it simply reflects your company’s services, values, and personality.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Brand Audits & Discovery
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Brand Naming
  • Logo Design & Brand Identity
  • Rebranding & Repositioning
  • Brand Platform
  • Brand Collateral Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Visual Identity Creation
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