Guardian Technologies

Content Marketing, SEO / SEM, Social Media, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, E-Commerce

A leading home environment products provider, Guardian Technologies manufactures and sells various devices that improve air quality in the home. They came to VividFront requiring a complete overhaul of their website and ecommerce presence.

It was decided to break down the product selection into core categories and focus on lifestyle use shots.


Along with expanding Guardian Technologies’ ecommerce setup, it was concluded that providing consumers with insight into what makes these products so valuable was a key focus point. With this goal in mind, we ensured every page had valuable information regarding the benefits and science behind a clean air environment.


A ‘Healthy Living Blog‘ was also established to provide regularly updated consumer-oriented content while additionally helping in expanding SEO.


Coinciding with updating the store was the creation of a ‘Find Your Replacement Filter Tool‘ that would assist users in finding the correct replacement filter for Guardian Technologies-branded air purifiers.


Upon finding their desired filters, users will then have the ability to set up a recurring delivery plan to receive new filters every few months.


The entire website was designed and coded to be responsive so users will have the same, optimized experience no matter what device they are using.