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With over 200 years of experience in crafting quality knives, Wüsthof knows how to work with chefs. What they had trouble with, however, was finding a way to showcase hundreds of knives and related utensils over several product lines.

VividFront was brought in on an advisory (and then development) role in order to ensure optimal web design standards were being implemented on a new Wüsthof website.


To aid in user navigation, it was decided to focus on strong product imagery to show the distinct difference in product types. Secondly, multiple methods of product filtering and display types (grid-based or list-based) was used to further granulate the process.



Wüsthof also wanted to place emphasis on the chefs who have made their company so successful. A special section titled, ‘Defining the Edgë‘ was established to show a revolving door of chefs along with their favorite Wüsthof products, instructional videos, and more.


The new website was then designed in a grid structure for easy responsive breakdown.