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Make the Leap to a Secure Modern Digital Commerce Platform

We have helped clients across sectors revolutionize their operations and improve their business by moving into the modern age of eCommerce with an upgrade to Magento 2. Our team has been working with Magento for more than 13 years, since before the open-source project was "released" publicly. We know how daunting the prospect of upgrading from Magento 1 can be. With the end of support for Magento 1, now is the time to make the leap to ensure that you can continue to innovate and succeed without worrying about bad actors crippling your business.

Our Approach to Magento 2 Upgrades

  1. Requirements Gathering
  2. Evaluation of Existing Platform
  3. Migration/Upgrade Planning
  4. Data Mapping & Reformat
  5. Theme and Custom Functionality Development
  6. QA Testing and Optimization
  7. Relaunch

How Long Does it Take to Upgrade Magento 1 to Magento 2?

Any eCommerce migration timeline is dictated by the complexity of the store. It requires a concerted effort and unwavering attention to details to ensure that all of your data including inventory, orders, customers, products, subscriptions, reviews, media, and all of your integrations are moved over to the new platform flawlessly.

We can provide some general guidelines on a complexity scale to give you an idea of the rough time ranges involved with migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2. The estimates below depend on the availability of parallel resources, and the nature of your store's upgrade path.

  • Simple Magento 2 Migration (3 - 6 months)
    • When all you want is to move your existing catalog and order data to a more secure platform without any significant design changes. A simple migration also can only happen with sites where there aren't a lot of third-party integrations or installed modules.
  • Magento 2 Migration with Some Customization (4 - 8 months)
    • When you need to move your existing data to a more secure platform and want to make a few updates to visuals and functionality. This slightly more complex migration also can only happen with sites where there aren't a lot of third party integrations or installed modules.
  • Complex Magento 2 Migration with Deep Integrations (6 months or more)
    • When you need to perform a visual or functional overhaul, and / or you have a large number of custom modules or integrations like POS, ERP, CRM that need to be integrated into your new platform. These complex migrations take a lot of time and the best experts on our team to carry out successfully.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Responsive eCommerce Website Development
  • Magento 2 Development
  • Magento 1 Development
  • Custom Plugins, Modules & Integrations
  • ERP Integration & EDI Data Sync